What Should I Take Into Consideration When Hiring A DWI Attorney?

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 19, 2019
DWI cases are a dime a dozen in Texas.  This is due to the fact that the Lone Star State has the second highest impaired driving fatality rate in the nation; right behind California.  According to current traffic statistics, every 20 minutes someone is injured or killed in a DWI accident on Texas roads.  Law enforcement is out to curb these incidents with some of the strictest laws on the books.

Unfortunately for drivers, this often translates into a high number of suspicion-based arrests; rather than factually proven ones.  The question is, do you know what to do and who to hire if you’re facing DWI charges behind state lines?  This article will test your attorney finding knowledge.

What Should I Do If I'm Pulled Over for a DWI?

Since all it takes is suspicion of drunk driving to be pulled over and arrested in Texas, you need to get proper counter measures in place quickly.

Your focus should be:

  1. Proving and winning your case if you are innocent
  2. Minimizing penalties if you are guilty

The best way to achieve either of these outcomes is to stay calm and speak to a lawyer right away.

How you behave during and after your arrest carries weight with the court.  Keep a level head and firmly insist on contacting a lawyer.  Once you secure your right to representation, it’s time to do some fancy footwork.

Due to the subjective nature of the charges; you need a lawyer that is very familiar with the intricacies of state DWI laws and the technicalities involved in these cases.  How do you know if you've found a diamond in the rough?  There are three indications early on:

1. What does she/he tell you to do first?

Right answer:

  • Step One: File for an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing and an Occupational Driver’s License (ODL) right away.  Your active license has been suspended.  If you do not file for these items within 15 days of the arrest, it will remain suspended.
  • Step Two: Start building your defense.   Get insurance forms (SR22), witness statements, photos, and write everything down.

Wrong answer:

  • Plead guilty right away.  These charges could affect you for life.  Find a lawyer who’s willing to fight with/for you.   
  • The first response lets you know how familiar they are with the law; their second tells you what you’re up against.

2. What’s their defense strategy?

Right answer:

  • Prosecutors in these cases vary.  You could be looking at anything from heavy fines and jail time to probation and community service.  It’s important that your attorney is aggressive and well-matched with the prosecution.

Wrong answer:

  • Take the first deal we come across.  This is rarely in your best interest.

3. What’s their track record with DWI’s?

Right answer:

  • They have the proven expertise and experience to be successful.

Wrong answer:

  • They are a novice deal maker.

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