Porsche Being Sued For Product Liability In Paul Walker Fatal Crash

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 22, 2019
Things are happening fast as the Porsche company prepares to defend itself in court against claims that design flaws in the production of the vehicle Paul Walker was driving are responsible for that tragic accident. The tragic accident last November was caused when the Porsche Roger Rodas was driving spun out of control and crashed, killing both Rodas and Walker.

Why is Porsche being sued?

Roger's widow Kristine claims that her husband was not speeding and was driving at 55 mph and that the vehicle was not being driven at unsafe speeds as the investigators determined. Further, she claims that the vehicle lacked proper safety features such as a proper crash cage and self sealing gas tanks that would have prevented the inferno that resulted when the vehicle caught fire.

However, Rodas doesn't end her claims just there. She also contends in her lawsuit that the vehicle's suspension system was faulty, which made it easier for the vehicle to veer out of control as it was driving through Santa Clarita. Ultimately, she contends that the Carrera GT that Porsche manufactures has multiple defects and is not a road safe vehicle as the company claims.

Rodas has hired high profile attorney Mark Geragos as well as a number of experts to inspect the wreckage of the vehicle and the scene of the crash. According to their reports, the vehicle was not traveling at the 94 mph the California Highway Patrol investigation claims.

Does Rodas have a chance in proving negligence?

As of now, Rodas has an uphill battle. The CHP investigation and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department investigation both concluded that the vehicle was traveling at unsafe speeds and that their were no mechanical problems present on the vehicle that would have contributed to the crash. It should be noted that Porsche's own engineers aided in those investigations due to the rarity of the car and the company's desire to determine exactly what happened.

Ultimately, it will be up to Rodas to prove that the CHP, LA CSD, and Porsche investigations are all wrong. That won't be easy as the investigations were very thorough and the facts as clear as the white lines that frame the road. Because of the overlapping results, it will be difficult for Rodas to prove wrongful death and negligence when she brings Porsche into court.

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