Is A Lawyer Required For Filing A Personal Injury Suit?

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 20, 2019

Business-Law-Businessman-Contract-PaperworkThe answer is technically no, but, in many cases, trying to handle a personal injury suit without the help of an attorney is not in your best interests.

The courts do not mandate that plaintiffs, in most civil lawsuits, have an attorney representing them. That is why the answer is technically no. The courts allow everyday citizens to file lawsuits while representing themselves. That person can also go to trial and handle everything related to the case. But, is that the wisest decision to make?

Protect Yourself

You might think that you only sustained minor injuries, so there is no need to consider suing the other party. The other party's insurance company will cover the medical costs and give you a bit more to compensate you for the hassle. Sounds great, right?

Actually, that can end up biting you in the end. Some minor injuries turn out to be major ones. If you signed a settlement before you found out the extent of the injury, you are out of luck. You will have to deal with the additional medical costs yourself.

On top of the possibility of more extensive injuries, there is also the pain and suffering you had because of the situation. How strong were the pain medicines you took? How long did you take them? How long did it take before you were back to normal? Is ongoing pain interfering with your normal activities? These are all considerations when it comes to personal injury cases.

Insurance Companies And Legal Fees

You may be thinking that you don't need an attorney because your, or the other party's, insurance company is handling it. You think the insurance company will be fair dealing with the case. Actually, the exact opposite is true. Insurance companies are businesses that care most about their bottom line. They want to pay out as little as possible. Where does that leave you?

If you’re worried about not being able to afford an attorney, you need to know a bit more about personal injury attorney fees. Most will work on contingency. That means that you don't pay anything until the case is settled or won in court. So, instead of paying upfront, you will pay after the case is done. It is often done on a percentage basis. For example, if you go to court, the contingency agreement may be that you have to pay 30 percent of anything won. The percentage can vary from case to case and attorney to attorney.

Dealing with a personal injury case on your own is not in your best interests. To protect your interests, set up an appointment with one of the attorneys here at Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C. in Amarillo, Texas.

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