How To Choose A DWI Attorney

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 19, 2019

blurred-lightsBeing charged with a DWI in Texas is a difficult situation that brings potentially severe legal consequences, including driver’s license suspension and criminal penalties. Plus, the laws and procedural rules governing these cases are extremely complex, so it’s smart to retain a DWI attorney to represent you. However, choosing the right lawyer to handle your case can be overwhelming if you’ve never hired one. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Begin looking for a DWI attorney right away. There are a few reasons to start looking for a lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been charged with DWI. There are deadlines for filing documents related to your possible license suspension and the criminal court case. In addition, the attorney will want to discuss the matter with witnesses and investigate the facts. If you wait too long, memories can fade and evidence won’t be properly preserved.

  • Start your search in the right place. You’ve likely seen ads for attorneys promoting DWI defense service, but these are paid ads for marketing purposes only. They’re no substitute for experience and knowledge in DWI matters. Instead, try other resources, such as:

    • Bar Associations: These organizations usually maintain a lawyer referral or directory service where you can research by specialty.

    • Friends and Family: If someone you know and trust has been involved in a DWI case, ask for the attorney’s contact information.

    • Online Research: You can also search for lawyers online, so schedule a time for a consultation after researching attorneys that handle DWI cases.

  • Ask the right questions. When you attend an appointment with an attorney on your list of candidates, make sure to ask a few key questions.

    • What is your experience with DWI cases? It's important that you choose an attorney that's handled DWI cases in the past and currently represents a number of clients in these matters. Lawyers that work in other legal areas don't have the specialized knowledge and experience to handle your case.

    • What would be your strategy for fighting my case? You're entitled to know how your lawyer will proceed in representing you, so find out about strategy. This will help you better understand the proceedings and provide realistic expectations.

    • How do you handle billing? Most lawyers will invoice on an hourly or flat fee basis. Make sure you find out how you'll be charged so you're not surprised when you receive the bill.

Choosing the right fit for a DWI attorney isn’t so difficult when you follow these recommendations. The attorneys at Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C. in Amarillo are knowledgeable and experienced in DWI matters, and can properly represent your interests. Please contact us to speak with a lawyer about your case or with questions.


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