Can A Lawyer Get My Family Member Out Of Prison?

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 18, 2019
This is one scenario where the circumstances surrounding your loved ones case carries the most decisive weight. If you are talking about a bail situation, a lawyer may be your best bet at getting your family member out of prison. A lawyer can negotiate on their behalf and get the bail lowered to a more reasonable level, but the amount owed does fit the crime committed.

As for parole, it depends on the interpretation of the board. They look at things such as, the crime committed and the time served, but they also have to consider a person's degree of rehabilitation.
How can I get my family member parole?

Parole is an area of the law that is black and white, but also allows for a lot of grey to enter the picture when it comes to interpretation.

There are minimum sentences that must be served for certain crimes. When a person is up for parole, their criminal history and time served are the first two things the board must consider. The facts are there. Now, it's time to interpret them. What is the parole board looking for? Evidence that your loved one has been successfully rehabilitated and that they are ready to re-enter society.

Many family members believe that parole hearings look something like we see in the movies. The inmate enters the room, makes a statement to the board and answers questions, and a determination is made. The truth is a stark and often unexpected contrast.

In some cases the inmate will appear at the hearing, but not in all. It's not uncommon for the parole board to reach their determination without ever meeting the prisoner face-to-face. How is this possible? Keep in mind; their entire time in prison is well-documented. The board can use these records to reach a decision.
Should I hire a parole lawyer?

Loved ones and lawyers are in a unique position to help get someone out of prison. The success of our efforts depends on two things:

1. The prisoner's past behavior
2. Advocates to speak on their behalf

Believe it or not, lawyers and loved ones can work together to bring certain aspects of a prisoner's life to the board's attention.

The board wants to be sure that the inmate in question is prepared to be a productive member of society. What they really mean by this is that they don't want to give someone license to become a repeat offender. Once an inmate is released, the board wants to know that they will have support, stability, and stay on the straight and narrow.

A lawyer can highlight the exemplary behavior of the prisoner in question for the board. Additionally, family members can act as character witnesses and provide proof of employment and housing. It is the responsibility of the prisoner to exhibit model behavior during institutional adjustment.

A favorable decision is not guaranteed, but taking these steps with representation on-hand gives your loved one the best chance possible at getting out of prison.

The Amarillo criminal lawyers at Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C. have years of experience as advocates acting on the behalf of others. There is no need to face the parole process blindly. Let our firm advise you and your loved ones along the way. Together we can build the strongest case to secure release. Contact our parole attorneys today for a consultation. 
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