5 Ways To Prevent Drinking & Driving At Your Summer Parties

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | July 15, 2019

diverse-friends-drinking-alcohol-summer-partySummer is here and it is time to party! Everyone enjoys a good party with food, drinks, games, music and opportunities to mingle.

Although parties are a great chance to have fun, you don't want your party guests to drink and drive. Help your friends and family avoid DWIs after your summer bash by following these tips:


Pick A Designated Driver

A designated driver will prove quite helpful in keeping party-goers safe. This person should refrain from consuming alcohol during the entirety of the party.

He should be stone-cold sober throughout your party so he can take guests home safely. He should also stay with those who have consumed alcohol until they are safe and sound at home.

Let People Stay Over

If you hold the party at your house, let the guests stay the night at your place. You can set up cots, sleeping bags and air mattresses to accommodate everyone. Or, you can host the party near a hotel so those who drink can stay the night in a hotel room.

Rideshare/Uber Service

Have your party-goers split the cost of Uber or use Rideshare. These affordable transportation services will get friends home without busting their budgets. It won't take long to schedule a ride through one of these services. All you need is a smartphone.

friends-eating-out-partyCollect Car Keys Before The Party Kicks Off

A surefire way to prevent drunk driving following your party is to collect guests' car keys at the door. After all, you can't start a vehicle without your keys.

Don't let guests know that you will be collecting car keys at the door beforehand. Those who are intent on driving home might go as far as hiding an extra key in their pocket so they can drive home following the event.

Pass the car keys out at the end of the party to those who consume little or no alcohol. Hold onto the keys of those who are clearly drunk as well as those you suspect to be inebriated. They can stay the night or get a ride home with someone who is sober.

Don't Make Alcohol The Focus Of The Party

Center the party on activities like dancing, games, music, food and conversation. Be sure to offer non-alcoholic drinks in addition to booze.

The surprising truth is that plenty of adults enjoy non-alcoholic drinks. Give non-alcoholic beer a try and they will find it tastes similar to regular beer.

Load up on food. It helps to offset the alcohol. It also fills up guests so they are less inclined to drink copious amounts of booze during your get-together. But don't feed your guests salty food as sodium makes people thirsty and more likely to consume alcohol.

Instead, opt for foods that are high in carbohydrates and protein – like meats and cheese – that minimize the effects of alcohol.

What To Do If You Get A DWI

If you or a friend are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, don't navigate the complicated legal maze on your own.

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