5 Safety Tips For Halloween

Daren Brown
By Daren Brown | March 19, 2019


Halloween is supposed to be a fun and magical time for children. They get to dress up as anything they want, and roam the streets for candy. But there are also inherent dangers associated with the day. Whenever a group of children converge on sidewalks, there is the potential for accidents and mayhem. However, there are ways to mitigate those potential threats to ensure you, and your children have an enjoyable Halloween experience. Utilize these five safety tips to make your day and night safe.


  1. Make your child visible: Dark costumes can be hard for drivers to see. Decorate your child's Halloween bag and costume with reflective tape, or have them carry glow sticks during their adventures in the neighborhood. Flashlights can also be used for this purpose.

  2. Prepare older children to trick or treat alone: Older children who are trick or treating alone should stay in groups, and stick to well-lit neighborhoods they are familiar with. Ensure they are familiar with your personal rules, and that they are carrying a cell phone. You may also want to consider enabling a tracker on the phone for the evening.

  3. Obey pedestrian rules: Accidents often happen when people cross the roads in the middle of the street, rather than at crosswalks. This is especially true on Halloween. Only cross the streets at intersections and utilize crosswalks where possible. Ensure your children know this rule, as well, to avoid having them dart out.

  4. Discuss safety rules before you leave the house: Excitement runs high on Halloween and young children can quickly forget rules that have been instilled in them prior to the night. Go over your rules for the evening with your child, and lay out consequences if they do not obey the rules. Children who refuse to obey rules should be taken home or removed from the action until they calm down and agree to abide by safety rules.

  5. Drive carefully: For individuals driving during peak trick or treating hours, stay especially alert. Children moving about on the sidewalks can be unpredictable and difficult to spot, so drive slowly.

Sure, Halloween is supposed to be a fun night for all involved, but taking safety precautions is more important than ever on such nights. Following these simple tips will help keep your kids, and yourself, safe during Halloween.

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