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We believe you deserve the best in legal representation whether you are a large oil and gas company or a small percentage royalty owner. So, if you’re experiencing problems with leases, payments, royalties, minerals, or any other issue related to oil, gas, and energy law, schedule a meeting with one our qualified lawyers today.

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If you’re in the oil, gas, and energy business, you’re no stranger to regulations and disputes. And, when you’re faced with the prospect of lost income, you’re going to need the very best representation possible to ensure your rights are protected. 

Our attorneys understand the intricacies of these industries. We can navigate through the confusing and overwhelming required regulations to guide you to the best possible ruling. Litigation may be on the rise, but with Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C., you don’t have to worry about not getting the compensation you deserve. 

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Dusty Stockard

Dusty Stockard is a founding partner of Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C. A native of Amarillo, TX, Dusty’s area of expertise sits firmly in the discipline of Oil and Gas Law. 

With extensive practice in Civil Litigation, Dusty’s concentration of primary work focuses in the areas of eminent domain/condemnation, oil and gas, and commercial litigation. 

Dusty is dedicated to ensuring his clients’ rights remain intact and provides his support and knowledgeable recommendations throughout the legal process.

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Kenneth Netardus

Kenneth Netardus is a partner at Stockard, Johnston, Brown & Netardus, P.C. Kenneth brings over 20 years of legal experience in the state of Texas. His areas of expertise are oil and gas law, agricultural law, business law, trademark law, and commercial litigation.

If you’re looking for oil and gas law representation from a lawyer who can bring many other related specialties to the table, give Kenneth a call today.

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Title Opinions Establish The Legal Link In The Chain Of Title

The critical link between the public record and persons desiring to acquire and develop oil and gas properties, explore for oil and gas, and market oil and gas production is provided through the process of title examination and opinion.

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